What Does Good SEO vs Bad SEO do for your blog?

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Every second, more than 10,000 articles get uploaded on websites. In every genre and category. Do all the articles make a mark online? Some get written by enthusiasts, for the mere sake of having an online presence. Then there are personalities, who give daily updates. But they can cause a furor on the internet. They can also be doctors, businessmen of repute who do not need to bother about SEO. But, for some, who have a knowledge and want to share valuable information, they rely on SEO. The positive part. They go on with their jobs with passion and enthusiasm, eager to make a change in their specific sector. The hard work may need long term, but sweet will be their reward. You may have read enough about SEO, content writing and the strong connection between the two. Now, in this article, we will discuss the Good SEO vs Bad SEO.

And believe me, the words have flown in a torrent. I have given only the essential points in the article. Not to mention, the SEO strategy. Good, You caught me, but I am aware.

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Say SEO, to a common writer who pens her memoirs or cooking tips on the internet, and she will look at you like an alien. The main reason, SEO gets tagged with criminal activities such as hacking. The common public has the definition of SEO in their own words. The SEO guys do some tricks to bring the website on top. The END. Period.

Yes, it was true. A decade ago. SEO brought the same fear as hacking. Black hat SEOs devised dubious techniques to outsmart the search engines. They made cash by bringing low quality content pages on top of the Google charts.

But the search engines struck back. Hard in the places that hurt the most. The number one search engine, Google, brought one algorithm after another. Now, the devilish practices have all faded. But in this article, we are talking about good SEO vs. bad SEO, and not about black hat. To be excused. Honorable readers.

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Do You Know Yourself? Are you a Bad SEO or its Opposite (Good SEO)?

A humble request to read the above statement again. You may have created content, worthy of sharing on the internet for your friends. But for the novices? The game starts.

Yes, your grammar is impeccably good. You stuffed keywords as per the need. And embedded the best external link. But do you know it can still be bad SEO? How?

The first factor before writing an article is to know the recent Google update. It changes as per the trend. With so many algorithms such as Panda, Pigeon, it is easy to miss the trend as per the times.

Good SEO vs. Bad SEO

Yes, sometimes, the new algorithm drives SEO experts insane, but one factor is common. If you have the zeal and talent to write, the award is definitely available. In the form of more traffic. It is not very difficult to understand the theory of Google. The search engine is more interested in making the web more friendly to the customers. It awards the best written articles in its own way. But, sloppy writing and stuffing keywords can turn a good SEO article to a bad on. If the new algorithm differs from the old one.

The Customer is The King

As in all businesses. It is the user experience of a service or product that determines the popularity. Likewise, it is the reading experience of your website visitor that pulls the traffic. If the bounce data is more for your site, then it is bad SEO as well as content. You may need to change the rules. Simple.

Have the patterns changed for searches? It is. A decade ago, the customer used to search on computers and laptops. Now, you guessed right. It is the mobile. E-commerce has become a huge hit. The online business industry is worth trillions. Its customer base is increasing every day. And mobile search has shifted to all times across the globe. The reasons, everyone has a mobile. For example, the search patterns range from researching products to services and voice search.

How can Bad SEO affect the traffic?

At present, it is a millennial population that poses a significant part of online searches. You know about the size of the mobile screen. If the content is sub-par, then the bounce data is more. The analytics will take a hit.

Good SEO Vs Bad SEO content

1. Back Links

Yes, there are many groups where you can request a guest blogger for backlinks. But careful is the word. And you need smartness. The reason, it is foolish to get a backlink from a reputed website that has no connection to your business. Instead, it is a wise move to get a backlink from an online business of your own sector. But it should have ten points more in DA and PA than your website.

2. Spamming Other Sites

A complete no-no. Yes, there were the days, when every website used to have a comment section below the articles. Anyone can put a comment and a backlink to their website. If the other website owner is your friend, the merrier. Comments and reviews also led to advertisements. Not anymore.

Do you spam other websites with content and links related to your blog? Then it can prove a disaster to your online presence. The reason, a reader has to go through all your immature comments to post a genuine review. Google detests this practice.

3. Anchor Text

Anchor text is an important factor in link building. But it can also prove a detour, if not used in a proper manner. Let us visualize a situation. In your article, people read the content. Then, they may get some doubts. If the anchor text and the hyperlink for the next article solve the doubt of the reader, then the traffic will increase. It helps the reader give value to your content. But Black hat SEO make links to unwanted words. The rankings can go down and it is a bad SEO custom.

Advertising Templates

Let us take the example of a case study. You have a company which offers a microwave oven service center in Hyderabad. Since the demand is more, you have a website where customers can place a booking request. You also have a blog section where the marketing team posts regular articles. If they just focus on the keyword “microwave oven service center in Hyderabad” on all the articles, then Google will consider it as spam.

Google will reward the articles which have different keywords with the same meaning. You can also use long tail keywords that make a visitor click on the link leading to your website. In these cases, you have to abide by the rules of Google.

4. Duplicating Content

This does not work anywhere, in any part of the globe, leave alone SEO. Duplication of original work is a sin. And on the internet, the result can be a huge penalty. Imagine the internet. What do you first view? Content. Right? The forms may have a difference. A reader comes to the internet to search for a solution to the problem. And if he gets duplicated version of the original content in a sloppy form? Then the user experience will take a hit.

All the search engines, even Yahoo and Bing! Are interested in having quality online content. They know it takes time to generate them. Their primary focus is simple – to give high rankings to people who piggyback on other content.

Hold on! The topic is not yet finished. Even in your own website, chances of plagiarism may happen. Let us imagine, you service microwave ovens in Hyderabad. Do you provide two different services? You provide the same keywords for meta description and content. Then, Google may see them as duplicate content. To avoid the pitfalls, ensure that every meta field and story is original.

5. Dense Keyword Content

The search engines evolved with the passage of time. In old times, they gave importance to keywords to give the rankings. Let us imagine,  you have a website concerned with microwave oven service. If you had embedded the keyword microwave oven service in all the articles of 300 words, then Google gave rankings accordingly. The notion – your website is about microwave oven service.

But the pattern has changed. And Good SEO vs. Bad SEO has come into the picture. It is a user experience that matters the most. Keyword stuffing in articles got condemned to the gallows. Just imagine the situation. Your search for microwave oven repair on the internet. You clicked a website where there is little information about microwave oven service. But have all the keywords related to a microwave oven? How will you feel?

Now, the search engine has moved over to bots. It is bots who categorize pages. They do not sympathize with keyword stuffing in articles.

How to Master Good SEO

1. Let It Be Conversational Content

Let the content be in the form of conversation. Readers like reading and sharing this type of content. But please read the below mentioned paragraphs also.

2. Work

It is very tough to earn a backlink from reputed websites or if you want commoners to share your article. It comes with patience and building trust online. If you have a company or an individual blogger, follow the humanitarian trait. A stingy feeling is a no-no. Make updates every time related to updates in your industry. Share competent posts or give external links to your blog. You will get traffic.

3. Keyword Research – Most Important for Good SEO vs Bad SEO

Yes, you cannot stuff the content with keywords, but it is also disastrous to avoid them. Please understand the statement – keyword research is a target audience. So instead of stuffing, use synonyms, content around topics.

4. Optimize Content As per The Target Area

Are you having a home maintenance company having branches of microwave oven service center in Hyderabad? Then use the local language that caters to the audience. Using the respective keywords as per the local audience will enhance your revenue.


We have come to the last part. We agreed, there are many more points such as Google AMP and other tools such as Schema, but we will deal with it later. As of now, do not forget the facts. Good SEO contributes to the user experience. Period. Bad SEO is just content on the internet to get discovered once in a while. Hope, you understood.

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