How to Install Cloudflare SSL in Cpanel

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We love Cloudflare for CDN and you know SSL certificate needs to renew on regular interval but many of Cpanel users face SSL expiry and hence their websites redirects to any other websites which look like the website is being hacked but no it does not, because once the SSL of your website is being expired, the web server looks for the related websites for the SSL and redirect to that website.

Many users faced so many errors on the SSL website. If you met some issues with that and confused about installing CloudflareSSL in Cpanel, don’t worry. I am here to help you install Cloudflare SSL in Cpanel without any technical knowledge so let’s get started without wasting any time.

What is Cloudflare SSL?

It is a security layer that is used in websites and online applications. It encrypts the information you enter and sends it to the server, which means encryption between you and the server.Cloudflare SSL provides 15 years of SSL renewal means for 15 years you do not have to renew.

Cloudflare SSL certificates help Internet sites move from HTTP to HTTPS, and that is more secure. An SSL certificate is an information file hosted on a web site’s origin server.

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Special in SSL Certificate

  • When a visitor visits a secure website from the Secure Showcases layer, his browser makes an encrypted connection with the website’s server. No hacker can steal the data from the website.
  • When the connection is complete, the icon of the padlock appears in the visitor’s browser, and the URL of the website becomes https instead of HTTP.
  • All information on your website is scrambled by the 2048-bit Encryption, which hackers cannot hack.

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Benefits of SSL Certificate

SSL certificate has many advantages such as

  • All information on your website is encrypted
  • Secure website layer increases Google website rank of Secure website
  • If the Sitemap of the website is not submitted, then installing the Secure Showcases layer immediately offers the Sitemap.
  • The most significant advantage is your website; no hacker can hack.
  • This is very important for the eCommerce Website because most of the online payment is made on the Ecommerce website.

How To Install Cloudflare SSL in Cpanel?

Step1. First of all, open Cloudflare and connect the main to your domain with Cloudflare. If you don’t know how to connect the custom domain to Cloludflair, then you can easily read this blog I already mentioned here.

We are proceeding with the SSL for one of our client’s domain:

Step 2. Select the Domain in which you want to install the SSL. After that, go on SSL/TLS on Cloudflare.

Step 3. Go to Origin Server and Select Create Certificate After You See the Popup

Step 4: Click on Next, then Cloudflare automatically generator the Origin Certificate and Private key, and yes, you don’t have to need CABundle.

Step 5: Open Cpanel and Go to SSL/TLS, and You see this option but don’t worry. You have to go to Manage SSL Site and Select Option.

Step 6: Copy the SSL Certificate from Cloudflare and paste on here, as you show in the images which I mention below.

Step7: After you pasting the origin certificate into the certificate option in Cpanel click on the autofill by certificate then automatically fetch the all required things from Cloudflare. CSR filling

Step 8: Now, only have to click on install certificate, and Cpanel install the SSL in your custom domain without any issue.

SSL is being installed

Congratulations ..!

In this way, you can activate a Cloudflare SSL certificate in Your Cpanel.

Note: Make sure you choose Full in the SSL overview of CloudFlare instead of a Flexible option.

Suppose you have any other questions or face any error while installing the SSL in your Cpanel. We are here always to give you support, so contact us anytime. You can also learn about Cloudflare DNS which is an alternative to Google DNS.

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