Why you need Schema Markup and set up for WordPress

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Creating a blog and publishing high quality contents to a website is just a beginning. If you want to get highest returns from your blog or WordPress website, then you have to take care of your sites SEO. Well when it comes to SEO, there are two factors. One of them is the On Page SEO, and the other one is Off Page SEO. Even both of these SEO parts have quite a lot of factors, and one of such factors is the Schema Markup or rich snippets.

Schema Markup

Now the question is what Schema Markup is and why you need it? Well, the Schema Markup is quite a new concept in SEO. Also by implementing Schema Markup to your website, you will be able to boost your traffic, CTR as well as the ability to crawl your site in a better way.

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However, to give you a better understanding of the Schema Markup, let’s talk about it in detail:

What is Schema Markup and Why you need it?

In simple words, you can say that the Schema is a structured data vocabulary which helps in defining entities, actions and other factors on the internet. It helps the search engines like Google, Bing to understand a web page better and helps them to serve the internet users in a better way.

As Google continues to build a more semantic web, these markups become increasingly valuable in effective Internet communication.

You can also say that the schema is behind the scenes code that offers search engines like Google more information about your site. Even the schema markup is also known as the rich snippets, and we are sure you have seen rich snippets while surfing the internet. A rich snippet or the schema markup looks like this: at a glance at Schema Markup at google

This does not only seem pretty impressive. But it offers the website a special position in SERP. Just in case if you are not aware of the fact that before the number one position in SERP. There is a number zero position, and this position is specially reserved for the websites which have an excellent schema markup.

This means that even if you are ranking at the second page of a search engine, but you do have an excellent schema markup. Then you will easily be able to grab the number zero position. Hence, as a result, it will help you to increase your search engine traffic.

However, this rich snippet may change depending on your website type. For example, if you are seeking for a product review, then you might see some different rich snippets. Or if you are searching for keywords like “Best Products Under Price.” Then you will get to see a different rich snippet. review rich snipet google view

The bottom line of the story is that there are different types of schema available. Even there are more than 50 different schema markups available. But Google only supports 50 different schemas. However, some of the popular schemas are the:

  1. Local business data
  2. Events
  3. Recipes
  4. Movie listings
  5. Reviews
  6. Reservations
  7. Articles

Now that you have an idea about the Schema Markup. Let’s talk about why you need it? Well here are some of the top reasons that explains why Google schema markup is essential:

structured sata is better for seo

Schema Markup Helps Search Engines To Understand Your Content:

As we have just mentioned that schema markup helps the search engines to understand your content. Hence, as a result, they use your content to serve the internet users in a better way.

If you optimize your content with schema seo for that solves a search query. Then your position in the SERP will increase drastically.If you want to improve the local seo then also you need to have a good knowledge over the Schema. You can maximize your content by answering search queries, by adding product ratings in your review articles. Or mention the price of a product or service.

This way you are helping search engines as well as the internet user, and in return, you get high search engine traffic. It will increase your CTR and conversions.

Get The Zero Position in Search Engines For Your Answer Box

If you have read the above lines carefully, then we are sure that by now you know what the zero position in search engines is. Well apart from review or other types of articles, you can also feature in the rich snippet for your answer boxes and drive traffic to your website.

Schema Markup Is Useful For Voice Search Queries

Voice search queries are the future. Even Google is focusing more on voice search rather than keyword searches. According to Google, more than half of queries will be made by voice by 2020.

Hence if you want to be in the SEO game, then preparing your website for voice search is important. And this where the schema markup comes to rescue. As voice assistant like Google always fetches data from the Search Rich snippet that is why you better grab the zero position.

Schema Markup Helps You Show Up in the Knowledge Graph

Schema Markup can also help you to grab the knowledge graph position. This factor comes in handy if you happen to have a business. As this will give you a better recognition on the search engines.

Also getting your website on the Google Knowledge Graph is not that hard. All you have to do is sign up for the Google My Business. And after that, you have to enter all the necessary, and you are good to go. google bussiness.jpg

Apart from the business, the knowledge graph is also essential for websites that offer movie reviews, information, and events. However to give you a better idea, here is an example: rich snippets

Schema Markup Helps A Website To Appear In The Rich Snippets In Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP

AMP offers a better user experience to the internet users. Even AMP comes handy for those users who have an unstable internet connection. Hence Google has also has focused on giving priority to the website which uses Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Even if you are using AMP for your website, then you can get into rich snippets of Google for AMP by using the schema markup. By doing so, you will help your website pages to show up in the rich snippet results including the top stories carousel and host carousels.

How you can you set up Schema Markup for a WordPress Website

Adding the Schema Markup to a WordPress website is quite an easy task. As on WordPress, you can do almost everything by using a plugin. Hence adding the Schema Markup to your WordPress is as comfortable as installing a plugin. However for a better guide, here are all the steps that you have to follow:

Install Schema WordPress Plugin

First of all, you have to install the schema plugin to your WordPress website. For this, you can just go to your website’s Add New Plugin Page.

schema plugin.jpg

After that search for the Schema WordPress Plugin and install it. Once done you are good to go.

Do Some Essential Settings

schema settings.jpg

After that go to Schema and then settings. Over here you will find different settings. For example, it will ask you about website’s details, your websites social profiles and a few other things. Merely enter every detail related to your website, and you are all set.

So that was all for the article, now it is your turn to go ahead and make your website Schema Markup friendly also do not forget to test it at schema markup validator powered by Google. Even if you have any more questions, feel free to leave a comment below.