Technology Trend : Artificial Intelligence in Internet Security

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Artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency. These are some new technology innovations which have made quite a name in the market. And when it comes to artificial intelligence, and machine learning, many get confused. But not many know that artificial intelligence is a part of machine learning. As of now, nearly 15 percent of the companies in all industry sectors have made use of artificial intelligence. But yes, the debate has also caught on, as to whether artificial intelligence is good or bad. In this article, let us focus on artificial intelligence in internet security.

Artificial intelligence

The term of artificial intelligence or AI was first used in 1950, but it is only in the last ten years and this decade that the technology has leaped to great heights. If, explained in layman terms, have you seen the films Terminator and Irobot? The supercomputers and machines were the villains in these movies. At that time, super machines were mere fiction, but the passage of time has made the term ‘impossible’ – possible. And it is for the better. Now, you have Google Home, Amazon Echo and Alexa doing many jobs useful for humans in all parts of the world. They work on AI applications. Now, let us not diversify, but focus on the benefits of artificial intelligence in internet security.

1. Beneficial Side of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security

Yes, AI has entered into many industries such as education, healthcare, cybersecurity, and manufacturing industry. In recent times, digital transactions are the order of the day, and internet security has become mandatory in all business. Not even only companies, but Governmental organizations all over the world are trying to implement AI in offering their services like dns and for the manufacturing of products.

The AI applications go into each network of your company and block the malicious activity. What type of AI is used in internet security? That is the question. Imagine an AI application designed to stop malware in a company. Now its algorithms have been programmed to stop one specific design of malware. If the malware comes in a different code, will the AI security be able to stop? We hope you got the point. That is the reason, Artificial Intelligence in internet security has gone to another level, machine learning.

The machine learning application of a security program learns by itself without assistance from a human. The learning happens by means of artificial neural networks and can prevent malware even if it comes via different codes.

Importance of Cyber Security

Is Cybersecurity so important? You bet. Imagine the situation a decade ago. You went to the grocery store and bought a banana. Now, you did not have Rs 5 as change. So, you told the shop owner that the payment will be made next time. Compare with the times of today. You can transfer that amount and even large amounts via Paytm.

2. Cybersecurity and Companies

Now imagine the same situation with any multinational company. They may be making money transfers to the tune of lakhs of rupees and dollars. They use AI applications to prevent cyber attacks. Now, if a trespass occurs, then the concerned management professional can get an alert. This option makes the company money to stay more secure. But the AI does not require a human to constantly monitor the activities. It works by itself and can take decisions on its own. This is one beneficial aspect of Artificial Intelligence in internet security.

3. Artificial Intelligence in Internet Security

To make the best use of AI in online security, you need to coordinate the technology with the best minds. In every type of industry, hackers are always a problem. The hackers have high skills to trigger the attack and can cause disturbances in the company website and finance department. Phishing attacks are common, and if the finance executive is not alert, he/she can mistake the fake website for a genuine one, and send the money to a wrong account. In this situation, AI can prevent the fake website opening in the browser of the company’s computer. Artificial intelligence applications can make the company website restrain any type of hacking attacks.

Another Case Study

Let us take another case study. You work in Pune as one of the Senior content writers in one of the best doorstep repair companies. This company offers qualified professional service for washing machine, water purifiers and computer repair service in Pune. Your wife wants to make a purchase in one of the popular e-commerce platforms. Now, you have installed the AI-implemented antivirus software on your computer. When your wife searches to buy a costume, she gets links of phishing websites that have the same appearance as the popular e-commerce website.

If your wife had logged in and made the transaction, then the money, well, it is lost. However,  since you have put AI applied antivirus software, your wife not only got an alert, but the website did not open in your home’s internet browser. This is one beneficial aspect of Artificial intelligence in Internet security.

The areas where AI can prevent fraud are in the password protection and authenticity detection areas. Passwords can be hacked, so now companies and individuals along with banks have opted for biometric logins. Now retina scans, facial recognition, and fingerprints are used to gain access to accounts to make them safer than ever. How do you think that a person can have the same face? He can have a beard, bald head or mustache. Now the AI will depend on various combinations of algorithms to identify the real identity of the user. This is another example of Artificial Intelligence in internet security.

4. AI Internet Security By Companies

At present, the reputed business firms such as Microsoft, Google,Cloudflare and Amazon have bought AI start-ups to enhance internet security. In fact, many of the sales of their products come online. So they want the customers to get the best value for money, get personalized customer experience and prevent identity theft when they log on websites.

5. Making Use of AI the Wrong Way In Internet Security

Please note, that AI is just a technology and the hackers with evil intentions are humans. Now, if AI can be used to breach security walls of banks and companies, could this happen? Yes. Now, AI is being used by hackers to draw up various algorithms to confuse the security wall.


The use of Artificial Intelligence in Internet Security is only for beneficial purposes, but there lurk some evil minds who use the same technology for gaining access to other bank accounts or stealing other’s identity. But not all is lost at present. Venture capital firms are investing huge money on start-ups which design software to prevent internet attacks and malware.

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