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WordPress is a Content Management System which is open source and most importantly – free. It is based on Hypertext Preprocessor, and My SQL. WordPress was launched in ’03 and has become one of the most popular choices as a Content Management System for businesses and bloggers alike. What has made WordPress this reliable that it has become one of the first choices?

WordPress is responsible for more than 60% of the websites across the globe.

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The following are the Top 10 reasons to use WordPress –


WordPress is Universal

If you’re uncertain about using WordPress, you need to rest easy because it’s one of the most trusted Content Management Systems. It is common that you have to start things over the moment you change your developer. Since WordPress is universal, you don’t have to start things over from scratch. Any developer can access WordPress. WordPress also has a default standard dashboard. Hence it is Universally acknowledged. Most legitimate websites are up and running back up by WordPress.

User Friendly

  • WordPress is very user friendly, and it doesn’t require any advanced technical skill or knowledge to maintain and manage your content. It’s so easy that you can run it on your own without any technical support from a second person. WordPress doesn’t require you to possess coding or technical expertise. You need not need to know what JavaScript, PHP, Python, etc. WordPress walks you through by putting everything out there, and you can do most of the work by just following the instructions and walkthroughs. Due to many functions and features, with WordPress, it’s elementary to maintain a blog or even a fully-fledged e-commercial website.
  • When you’re choosing a theme regardless it’s a paid or unpaid theme, WordPress ensures consistency and follows through with the same design concept. It doesn’t show any defects regardless of how much content you are willing to add. It will function seamlessly and efficiently.
  • With multi-site tech, you can control all your WordPress websites under the same Control Panel.
  • Whether you’re downloading or installing WordPress itself or the add-on Plugins, WordPress offers quick and easy installation process for everything which will require no more than 5-10 minutes on a decently configured system. WordPress Widget comes with an easily customizable layout. These widgets can be located on your Header, Footer, and your sidebar.
  • WordPress also Provides you with default standard RSS feeds. RSS enables users to subscribe to your blog without any difficulty whatsoever conveniently.
  • A good infrastructure is significantly essential and necessary for a website to run efficiently.
  • WordPress allows you access to customize everything. Even your Sidebars and Footers. From category pages, web pages to landing pages, you can customize as per your desires. You just need to install a plugin called Custom Sidebar.
  • With WordPress, you can create pages easily, but if you want to create your marketing pages you should probably use a page builder like InstaBuilder 2.0 or Elementor.
  • WordPress also has a built-in search box where you and other users can engage in searches.
  • WordPress is favored by many web developers for one single reason, and that’s the unbelievably comfortable mechanism of developing a website.


Scalability is the potential of a network or an organization’s growth. WordPress takes into consideration your potential for growth and provides you with the right Content Delivery Network (CDN) like MaxCDN and CloudFare. WordPress gives you the liberty of choice. Whether it’s blogging based on content or a multi-site website. WordPress’s quality provisions will not be compromised.


The internet is a scary place with shady and creepy people seeking for every loophole to outsmart out outplay innocent people who are striving to make themselves known out there or even make ends meet. Security is a distinct and vital concern. It’s not difficult to steal or spoil anyone’s material or content. With a smart mind and enough resources, everything out there with minimum or less than minimum security is liable and exposed to vulnerability.

Since WordPress is open source, you might be hesitant for security purposes because of vulnerability and potential hackers. This is highly unlikely to occur with WordPress’ tight security. Websites powered by WordPress worldwide are proof of that. WordPress regularly updates data security tools. It restricts unauthorized access. It also provides security through its Plugins. WordPress encourages clean coding and disregards malicious content by minimizing it because it’s an open source. People with malicious intent are not the only concern when it comes to security. Since we’re talking about computer-related concepts, Malware and Cyber-crime also some of the major threats. Due to special programs suddenly appearing, websites can crash and even be slowed down significantly. Thus, it was proven difficult to protect yourself from Malware. However, WordPress provides some of the most reliable securities visa-vis Sucuri Security Anti-Virus which will allow you to monitor any suspicious potential malware activity on a daily basis.

Password protection is also a crucial element when it comes to security. WordPress as a reliable and trustworthy SMS offers an inbuilt password protection feature which reduces the possibilities of your material slipping into the wrong hands.

Spams are an unnecessary content which is not usually welcomed by an average user. They prove to be filled with irrelevant data most of the time that sometimes even manage to annoy the best of us. Most CMS face difficulty in managing spam due to various reasons like inefficient spam filters etc. WordPress allows you the authority of monitoring every comment before it is officially posted. You can maintain and alter spam related content with the help of many plugins like Akismet or Captcha by Simplywordpress; it can be avoided.

Having backups is not a waste of effort as data presented online is vulnerable to skilled hackers. You might lose all your content and will possibly be left with nothing. By installing plugins like BackWPup and BackUpWordPress, precautionary measures can be taken.

Compatible with all types of Media

Media compalibility

WordPress is compatible with all types of media. Be it audio, video, image, etc. WordPress also allows you to link any YouTube video with the embedded link.


WordPress is free to use, and it’s the type of CMS that provides you with useful and accessible plugins from a wide variety in which some handy plugins are free of cost. WordPress only requires you to have a good domain name and Host. WordPress is sturdy and provides regular updates.

Tools and Plugins

You can find top 10 WordPress plugins to use with your WordPress blog or website to make the best and fast also you can use for the customization. It is not necessary to buy plugins as you will get free WordPress plugins over the internet to use but ever does use Nulled plugin as they come up with the malware or access to the hacker too.

Wordpress as blogging tools

  • Unlike traditional websites whose format was not print worthy, WordPress has an easy to read form which is not unusually broad and unfit for printing. With Plugins like Print-O-Mac and Print Post and Page, it’s easy to print your material as per your needs.
  • WordPress has a cool function where it allows you to add a blog to your website.
  • WordPress provides you a default blogging configuration comprising of options like widgets, spam, author, tags, etc. With WordPress, you can make necessary changes like customization and modifications without any professional support.
  • This will add on to your savings. WordPress also allows you access to a wide variety of themes which are free.
  • With WooCommerce you can design and develop your e-commercial website easily. You can add this plugin with ease and start using it instantly.
  • WordPress doesn’t require any HTML or FTP software to delete/edit content from your website or even download/upload files.
  • Every three-to-four months cycle, WordPress provides an update so that you’re up to date with the most modern technology.
  • WordPress’ intuitive tools have become more and more adaptable, user friendly and reliable with every update making your job more comfortable when it comes to editing, adding new content, etc.
  • With the drag-and-drop feature, you can upload any file – be it an image, audio, video, etc. Your data will be uploaded seamlessly without any effort. Since it’s a common debate that plugins prove to be useful but they can also potentially slow down your website, WordPress also allows you to quickly enable and disable sites.

Free Upgrades

WordPress gives you free upgrades. Be it regular upgrades or plugins. WordPress is easy to update and upgrade as per the latest technology. Since its free, you can find it easy to manage and function accordingly as per your needs.

SSL Certification

SSL Certification WordPress

WordPress enables you to easily acquire a Secured Socket Layer (SSL) is a standard certificate for security purposes. SSL even secures banking transactions and offers protection for personal data of users. It is possibly going to become mandatory for all websites to attain an SSL certification for proving legitimacy and legal practices. You can do it with a very simple process by utilizing the Really Simple SSL plugin offered by WordPress.You can use any WordPress SSL plugin like Really Simple SSL to fix the mixed content or WordPress insecure content as it is best for making your WordPress Website fully compatible with SSL and secure. Once the plugin installed, you can open your website with WordPress https (SSL) and thus you are happy that you are one of the best website owners to provide content under WordPress enable SSL site.


Seo friendly WordPress

Seo WordPress has depicted itself as an SEO friendly CMS since it helps you optimize your website like no other. Since it allows SE bots to quickly index your website it has also proven itself to be SE friendly. You can use Yoast seo plugin, or there are huge WordPress seo plugins reviews that you will find over Google for making your website ranking at the top.

Google favors WordPress as it seeks three essential things it asks in a site are as follows;

  • Responsiveness
  • Optimized Content
  • Easy Navigation

All of the above can be easily attainable by WordPress.

WordPress is also Mobile Optimized which means there won’t be any traffic conversion issues.

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